Hi again!

I found a love for design while pursuing engineering in college. This may seem like a drastic change but in some ways, they're actually very similar. For example, I learned to problem solve, think deeply about my approach, and realize there are multiple ways to reach an answer. All of these apply to design so I'm grateful I had a little detour. Because of it, I have a unique perspective when tackling design problems and even life. I'm currently a product designer at ReadMe in San Francisco!

Outside of design, you can find me getting a breathe of fresh air while exploring the beautiful outdoors, cozying up indoors watching a variety of shows, or letting my creative juices flow through digital drawings.

Feel free to connect, whether you are just looking to chat, want to know what shows I'm watching, or want to pick my brain, my email is jaclynjchao@gmail.com.

Fun Facts!


I love dishes with potatoes (fries, chips, mashed, roasted, baked, etc.). There's just so many ways to eat it!


I enjoy traveling the world and experiencing the different cultures. I have recently explored Singapore, Thailand, Korea, and Philippines!


Very excited/cool to have been featured in UXfolio's blog: 35 Impressive UX Portfolio Examples and a Guide for Creating Yours.


Practicing digital drawings on Illustrator and on iPad. You can find my doodle journey on ig: @jjilldoodles

New Obsession

I just got into mechanical keyboards and modded my first keyboard! It's an interesting hobby to say the least, but extremely fun + satisfying.